Regular saving goals
Know how to reach your Savings Goals
The first item on your expenditure list should be “savings”.

A small term with big meanings and steady future prospects is what savings means in a nutshell. Savings are important. Here are few steps to it.

  • Cut out debts: Completely cut out debts. The first effort should be to consolidate all the debts, plan out a strategy to repay them all. Once this is done, the money gets free. Free money would help to re-purpose it to savings. If there is any loan that is there, either on credit cards or unsecured loans, pay them off. Credit card due people keep paying the minimum balance and continues to use the card. This is detrimental as the interest keeps on piling up. Rather once the amount is paid, the same amount can be used to build up a savings plan.
  • Decide a period: No “perfect time” is required to start savings. It can be started at any given point. All it takes is planning. Decide a time frame by when you wish to compulsorily pay off the debts so that you can start saving. Unless there is a goal, no one cares to repay the loan fast. Suppose you want to buy your own car, so start planning for that. Motivation helps to save.
  • Sacrifice a luxury: There is no end to luxury. The items are endless and if you so wish you can end up having all the items. That would essentially mean two things. One is the flow out of money and the other is the gaining debt. So cut it down. It is ok to sacrifice small luxuries. You can buy them in the future as well. Let the savings build up to a considerable amount and the wish list can be exhausted and refilled once again.
  • Make a plan: Quickly jot down your income and parallel your responsibilities/liabilities .Ideally your income should be excess of the expenditure list. If the scene is otherwise then there is the problem. Your expenditure is eating up your saving. So cut it out. No more shopping unless you have enough saving done. Make that the thumb rule.

Savings is a friend. The effort you would give to touch up with a long lost friend should be the similar in case of savings too. You should give in your complete effort. The planning part is difficult but once a plan is laid, following the same can be very easy. Understand where you are standing.

Your credit scores should be good enough to hook in future loans and your savings should be strong enough to hook you out of the debt at any given point of time. If this stage can be reached, then, nothing can be more ideal than this.

Debts are like demons and savings are like life saving friends. Realize that you certainly do not need to be under the cycle of never ending debts. You can be a debt free person able to re-utilize the entire money for a saving plan and have your own share of strong savings.

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