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Where to get the best money exchange rates in Singapore
Singapore is a place where money exchange is not an issue because there are quite a good number of money changers who are reliable.

If you are a traveler and have come to Singapore for a business trip or a pleasure trip money exchange can no more worry you. Neither do you have to worry about your money not getting its worth and falling into false hands. The best exchange rate is available with licensed money changers in Singapore who are aplenty spread all around the city. You can get a good number of them starting from Changi International Airport to any commercial centers. They are spread in business hubs, market places, shopping plazas, where you can easily reach out to them.

The money exchangers in Singapore can offer better rates because of the administration fee incurred upon them is low. They are thoroughly professional and you can exchange as much money you want without worrying. See to it which licensed exchanger gives you the highest rate. One such place is the Raffles Place a business centre that has a good number of money changers. Many seem to vouch for the Arcade in Raffles Place to be giving the best exchange rate. The Orchard Road, Lucky Plaza is another place where you get a good exchange rate from the money exchangers. This place is also convenient for the tourists as it is a shopper’s destination in Singapore.

If you are a regular in Singapore and is fond of shopping then Mustafa Center is a place you might have never given a miss. A favorite money exchanging place for many, Mustafa’s foreign exchange counter is open 24/7 and money changers are there for you at your time. The People’s Park Complex in Chinatown has a few good money changers giving a good exchange rate. They are quite popular especially with the Chinese community. There are plenty of good money changers who are highly recommended in Parkway Parade shopping center.

Among the places spoken are Raffle’s Place, People’s Park Complex Chinatown and Lucky Plaza holds quite a number of money changers who charges as low as 1% or even .25% of the total transaction amount. Crown Exchange, Aliffan, Sheen& Hassan, Rabi Trading, to name a few among them. Most of them do not charge a commission while giving you the best of rates. Avoid money exchange in airports, hotels or departmental stores; these are not the right places. Know that the rates in the commercial centers are quite competitive.

So if you are travelling in a short day’s notice or not and you scarcely have time to go to your local bank do not worry if it is Singapore. There are scattered in commercial centers and market places, government approved licensed money exchangers at your service and convenience. It is always advised to go for a check on the rate with few exchangers before finally closing the deal. Rates can also be checked online and better advised through reliable sites.

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